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. >> later on, disappointing outcome of the america's ç nerve in mexico cities this morning people rung out of buildings after a strong earthquake shook the area. the epi center almost 200 miles away. mexican authorities say three rustic homes collapsed there. in the bay area mexican immigrants called relatives to check on safety. >> usually earthquakes come every often they only, if they come, just wait. everything happens. >> the quake did not cause any serious injuries there have been seven after shocks registered near acapulco since the quake. to make sure you're prepared west posted guidelines for stocking a emergency kit and developing plans for the family. it was developed north cal. >> a&c2o 44-year-old larry mors is five feet tall weighing 160 pounds. police say he has mental capacity of a 2-year-old last seen at valley fair mall thursday. an all points bulletin has been sent out to be on the lookout for larry. he can't be out there alone. a missing toddler disappeared six weeks ago without a trace. the coliseum posting information with a picture of baby daphne webb and the hot li
.com. >>> the america's cup soared around today. this video shows an earlier win. emirates captured the louis vuitton cup. emirates will face its bitter rival oracle for the america's cup. the best of the series begins september 7th on san francisco bay. it was breezy on the bay today. >> you saw the wind gusts. sfo gusts to 20 miles per hour. a bit breezy around the bay area. hd showing you clouds continue to move inland this hour. the storm system that brought the weak cold front i should say that brought parts of the bay area mainly in the north bay a few sprinkles earlier in the day has exited to the north of us. but we're looking at this little eddie that developed near the coast. i do want to show you some smoke plumes from the rim fire. you can clearly see just in the last few frames all that smoke. they're saying that poor air quality right now south lake tahoe reduced visibilities as well as all this is moving from the southwest up to the northeast. so keep that in mind. but yeah, really nice picture for you this evening. here's a look at our highs today. we managed 81 in cloverdale. clear l
tonight at 6:00 we're live with the new round of america's cup racing. the artemis team gets a first taste of competition since the crash on the bay. >> a bae area politician gets a get out of jail card. when ed chu can return home. >> i'm spencer christian. our cooler weather pattern continue as long with a chance of spotty drizzle. >> thank you, spencer. later big plans for a little plastic square. a device that could simplify your life if you're prone to misplacing things. >>> sweden's team raced for the first time today. the team says getting out on the course after the deadly accident in may is a huge achievement. abc 7 news is at the america's cup with more on the race. >> this run up to the cup has been dominated by new zeal yanld. now, artemis is racing against italy. this is a big test after only nine days of practice they were out on the race course and in the gallery a lot of fans rooting for swedish team. the wife of italy's helmsman watched. >> hopefully they'll keep their numbers good. hopefully get a wine italy pulled ahead in the first down wind leg we you saw a lead change
possibility of thunder wednesday. >> that is a big change. >> accusations of cheating in the america's cup race autos angry words today >>> it's easier driving back on the sunol grade than this morning. a mail truck overturned at 5:00 a.m. closing three lanes of i 680 carrying 30 tons of mail that had to be off loaded before the truck could be pulled up and moved and it took seven hours before the lanes were back open. the driver said he hit debris on the freeway causing his brakes to lock. >> a top official of year cell's america's cup team is firing back at rivals accusing him of cheating. he is at the center of a scandal after admitting three year cell 45 foot catamarans used to win recent races were illegally modified however, he denies knowing anything about the illegal dift. skippers of teams say the denials are absurd claiming he had to know. he calls allegations slander. >> i do think it's not right someone implies the team of 130 people are somehow implicated in this when we see it was a few individuals involved in this. >> he refused to say what happened with the boats and who wa
again today. the winner of this series determines the america's cup challenger. new zealand defeated luna rosa in the round robin series and elected to move straight through. looks like there is good wind yes. cold day to be out on the bay. >> chilly. cloudy, sort of dreary looking. looked like a november day. >> yes. yes. >> and looks lining we're going to have this time before one more day before starting to get late weather. here is a look at live doppler 7. low clouds and fog. low pressure system brought it this cooler pattern in the clouds. also producing thundershower activity up around california and oregon border. we have a fire-weather warning in affect from tomorrow morning to friday evening for much of the northern most part of the state. north of clear lake. we'll watch that situation for you. here is a live view looking at western skyb@>>. 67 in oakland. 75 in san jose and los gatos. 73. 61 at half moon bay. another live view. 68 degrees in santa rosa and napa. 71 fairfield. 66 concord. now looking from our south beach camera southeastward, you can see a little bit of bl
. the founder of emerge america trains women to run for office. she worked with clinton for years. >> i think there is tremendous excitement about possibility of the candidate sismt i think it's pent up excitement. i think many of us are dying to see a woman president. it's just time. >> 20167 is years away. >> we've gone up against hillary before. i think we'd welcome an honest, open debate about her record and policies. we do find it dts concerting that a lot of groups are promoting her candidacy before this presidency owe over. >> next month there will be a speech and in november on america's global standings. certainly ways to keep yourself in the public eye. abc 7 news. >> carolyn, thank you. attorney general holder spoke at the same conference and setd nation's war on drugs is not working. and coming up at 6:30 reaction to his bold plan he's announcing to reform the criminal justice system. >> tonight the driver of a party bus involved in a crash near stanford campus overnight is facing dui and manslaughter charges. patrol says he was behind the veal that converted to a bus when careeni
it was a disappointing day for people who came out to watch the america's cup. >> weather and mechanical problems plaguing the races. >>> another america's cup race. the first race continued. italians started strong but were forced to withdraw after breaking a control arm on the wing of the boat. the second race of the day was supposed to start 30 minutes later however, 22 miles per hour winds exceeded limits for safety, forcing organizers to postpone the race. >> summer came to a screeching halt today for thousands of bay area sturd yents as school opened in many kplunts today. teachers and staff say students will notice a focus on 21 century skills, one young man shared his enthusiasm for learning. >> really excited. going to get new home work. >> you're excited about home work, huh? >> i really like school. >> police made sure students arrived safely. >> well there is more ahead tonight the unusual trial of an accused serial killer acting as his own attorney. goits to the jury but not everyone, not before, rather another unexpected detour. >> former vice president visits like tahoe with high p
and legal advisor. >> when dr. king spoke he was speaking as a moral compass of america. he was speaking to the consense of america. >> jones now a professor at usf and will receive an award for his work with dr. king and dedication to the civil rights movement. >> i want to celebrate the dream and i want to have a chance to kick butt when necessary for those who are interfering with the dream. >> we have seen a number of dignitaries here tonight. dr. jones going to be presented with a heroes award by san francisco human rights commission. >> we want to know if you marched in 1963 or perhaps know someone who did. you can contact us on the the phone number on the screen. >> what a moment in time. >> yes. >> spencer christian is off. sandhya patel is here with a lot going on. >> indeed live doppler 7 has been tracking thunderstorms. but outside of the bay area today. live doppler 7 hd we'll talk about the possibility here in the bay area all though things are starting to wind down a little bit. last night we strikes. 197 miles away, we do see thunderstorms there. notice we had more earlier
in 2002. >> this will be the strongest bridge in america, bar none. and arguably in, the world. >> over the years as with any project of the size there would be problems. recently galvanized safety bolts cracked when tightened. their failure threatened bridge's opening. critics asked why they were installed in the first place. a retro fit was chosen and shims in place to make the bridge safer. now, the bay area's eke+5gÑ landmark, new eastern span ended and it's iconic white tower is opening. it's impossible to say when funding it as toll authority frequently refinanced to take advantage of changing market conditions. >> you'll find links to all kinds of helpful resources including bart, ac transit and ferries and will find realtime traffic maps and we have a link for to you a live construction camera so you can keep tabs on the project. we'll alert you as soon as the bridge reopen autos spencer christian is here. the bay area looking good now. >> looking great. we have have temperatures below average for this time of the year. that is hardly anything to complain b sunny skies right no
his story and that of other so called dreamer who's grew up in america without legal status. he was sent with by his home mom to live whiz grandparents in mountain view. now, 32, a pulitzer-prize winning journalist and still undocumented he hope his movie adds to the debate. it's not likely to change minds of minute man and tea party act ti vif steve camp. >> our country was built on legal immigration. and now, we've got people flooding in here taking advantage of everything legal citizens v i don't think what is fair to us. >> the controversy concerns day laborers gathering at this center in mount yint view. many of them will attend the premier of a movie they hope humanizes the debate. >> it's many, many people because he's taking the lead. >> she's allowing mark skarkerberg. his interest goes beyond visas for high tech workers to broader immigration issues. >> you still to come here tonight at 6:00 an airport car rental business renting your car zpru not just while you're away. how they're getting away with that. >> it's happening in san francisco. more than any other area of
project. >> he's known in america less well known in the land of his birth in, scotland. >> this was muir home in scotland. he moved to the united states at just 11 years old. the scottish equivalent of our national park service preserved his childhood home and wrking to mick a 3 d rendering of it. and neighborhood. >> say next year when this finished people will be able to find out where he grew up. >> officials hoping this model will grow by you are encouraging people to visit his birth place. >> all right. coming up next, >>> amazing strism a man head lg home from work on a boat came across a surprise. a lost dog swimming in the middle of san francisco bay this, is the black lab mix recuperating in berkeley after that frightening ordeal. the puppy was a quarter mile off the berkeley pier. spotted her. >> i think it was a miracle she survive that had water. she the said that a dog could probably survive as long as a person. >> the dog did not have an id tag or microchip they're hoping one of you will recognize this puppy and reunite her with family. >> let's hope so. a final chapter in
champions of the america's cup. you're going to hear how it could affect races. >> discounts entice consumers to make a purchase, what if the discount doesn't come true? >> i'm sandhya patel. i'll sho you changes this system will bring as we get closer to the weekend. >>> a major decision tonight in fact commissioner bud selig calls it a historic moment. instant replay will be expanded. reaction from players and fans. >> joining other professional sports relying on instant replay. a's pitcher says it will be a big shake up. >> we're not used to seeing a lot of rule changes. you know? it's stayed the same for a long time. >> major league baseball will expand the use of instant replay. managers will no longer have to fight with umpires over calls. they'll allowed three challenges. one in the first six innings. challenges will be reviewed at major league baseball head quarters in new york. a's manager thinks change will be good for the game. >> you put technology in play you can do it in an expedited pace. >> we don't want to stay stuck in caveman days. just try to make it better. >> i
, america's highest military award n 2009 carter risked his life during intense fighting with the taliban saying carter displayed true heroism. >> said he was hoping to take his children around washington showing them the sites. and history if you want to know what makes our country truly great and what a true american hero looks like you don't have to look too far, just have to look at your dad. >> he suffers from post traumatic stress zpord had this message to the country. >> ladies and gentlemen, please, take the time to learn about the invisible, know that a soldier or veteran suffering from post traumatic stress is one of the most passionate men or women you'll ever meet know they're in the damaged, they're hurting with living when other dz not. -- did not. know that they, we, are not defeated, never defeated we're resilient and will emerge stronger over time. >> sargeant carter's statement about his personal strug jell an inspiration to though who's come home only to battle ptsd. >> we come back with issue autos ryan mason serve aid tour with marines in afghanistan, three tours in i
luther king's legendary i have a dream speech. a belloll atd00 eastern time. dr. king urged america to let freedom ring. the president capped the day by praising the american who's work every day to keep dr. king's dream alive. >> everyone who realizes what those glorious patrons knew on that day that change doesn't come from washington but to washington. change has been built on our willingness, we, the people to take on citizenship. >> president obama and others did not shy away from challenges still in the way, including income ask inequality, stagnant wages amid growing corporate profit autos scholars say the 1963 march on washington was less about freedom and more about jobs. steven pitts says most of the speech dealt with economic reality of millions of americans. saying civil rights movement want wanted to do more than end racism or elect a black president. >> the question have another black president? yes, we could. that shouldn't be the marker prof gres. the marker is that living conditions by the majority of the people in this country independent whof is president. >> in h
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